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What We Do

In an ever-evolving digital security landscape, our mission is to stay ahead of emerging threats, safeguarding your business with expertise and vigilance. Our team consists of experienced and certified security professionals who are dedicated to providing top-tier security analysis and proactive mitigations. We do more than just test and identify vulnerabilities; we recommend tailored improvements and offer comprehensive support, enabling you to focus on your core business activities with confidence.

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At Cyber Security Services, our strength lies in our extensive experience and knowledge. With over 15 years of professional expertise in the field, our team brings a depth of knowledge and a track record of success in protecting and evaluating security posture of businesses of all sizes.


Ethics are at the core of our operations at Cyber Security Services. We believe in conducting our business with integrity, transparency, and a strong commitment to ethical practices. Our team adheres to the highest standards of professional conduct, ensuring that your sensitive information is handled with utmost confidentiality and respect.


Gozawi Security Labs is proud to partner with Mypinpad, providing top-tier cybersecurity services. Our collaboration is set to support Mypinpad's security through comprehensive security tests and consultancy.


We offer a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services designed to effectively protect your digital environment. Our services include advanced penetration testing for both web and mobile platforms, meticulously crafted phishing simulations to test and enhance security awareness, thorough source code reviews for robust application security, 24/7 external infrastructure monitoring with our custom built monitoring service, and an optimized vulnerability scanning service.

Penetration tests

Web penetration tests

We specialize in conducting in-depth web penetration tests, utilizing both white and black box methodologies. Our approach aligns with the OWASP Testing Guide v4, ensuring adherence to the latest industry standards.

Upon completing our tests, we deliver a comprehensive report that not only details all identified security vulnerabilities but also includes tailored mitigation strategies. This thorough analysis empowers you to enhance your web applications' security and resilience against cyber threats

Penetration tests

Infrastructure penetration tests

We offer advanced internal and external infrastructure penetration tests. Each test includes a finely-tuned vulnerability scan, leveraging both commercial and our custom-built tools fit for a particular task, followed by detailed manual analysis from seasoned experts. Our testing approach rigorously checks all services for vulnerabilities, including misconfigurations, that could compromise the security posture of the target infrastructure.


Mobile penetration tests

We provide detailed mobile app penetration tests, employing both dynamic and static analysis, ensuring our methodology covers the 'OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks'. Our tests are either white and black box based. As part of the tests, we thoroughly verify not only the application itself but also the communication channels to the backend.

Penetration tests

Phishing simulations

We conduct realistic phishing simulations to test and enhance your team's awareness against cyber threats. Our simulations mimic actual phishing techniques, ranging from general email phishing to advanced spear-phishing attacks.

Penetration tests

Vulnerability scanning

We provide finely-tuned Vulnerability Scanning services, tailored to ensure better coverage for your specific infrastructure context. Using a combination of the best commercial scanning technologies and custom tools, we perform thorough scans that surpass the coverage of traditional approaches and better detection rates, that other approaches.

In addition, we offer manual verification of the discovered issues, ensuring you receive a report free from false positives.


Infrastructure monitoring

Our Advanced Automated Monitoring Service (ASV) offers 24/7 surveillance of your company's infrastructure. We employ cutting-edge, custom-written monitoring software designed to automatically enumerate your entire attack surface, scan it, and alert you to potential security issues within your infrastructure.

This proactive approach ensures comprehensive coverage and swift response to safeguard your digital assets.


Source code reviews

Our Source Code Reviews offer an in-depth examination of your application's codebase. Utilizing advanced tools and seasoned expert analysis, we scrutinize your code for security vulnerabilities, coding errors, and compliance with best coding practices.

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  • OSCE
  • OSCP
  • ISO27001 Lead Auditor
  • CCNA Security
  • CompTIA Security
  • Certified Red Team Lead
  • eMAPT

What clients say

Below, you'll find a selection of testimonials from our clients.


The level of customization and efficiency GOZAWI brought to our project was remarkable. They understood our unique requirements and delivered a product that perfectly aligns with our business goals. Their support and guidance throughout the project were invaluable.

Marcin KijowskiChief Executive Officer, Glavia sp. z o. o.
Project size: $200.000 +

As a startup, we needed a reliable software development partner who understood the importance of security. GOZAWI was the perfect fit. Their team was attentive, innovative, and proactive, turning our vision into a secure, scalable reality. We couldn't be happier with the results!

Daniel MatusiakChief Marketing Officer, KonsJez
Project size: $50.000 +